Hello everyone, my name is Claus. My passion for sound started some years ago when I was involved in almost all the shows in my high school in terms of show management, live sound, lighting, giving advise…


    I started involving myself in those projects and the first one we did was a theatre play, using some projectors to make a kind of ‘video mapping’, a basic lighting controller, some spotlights, a fog machine, a very small mixing desk, and some microphones.


    I also learnt a lot from the technicians in the city's theatre about the shows that were taking place there and how they work during rehearsals and the show's day.


    The headmaster of my high school left me in charge of the biggest and the most important event: the Graduation. That was an event that took place in the city theatre so it combined the experience I got in my High School and the one with the technicians.


    What marked a milestone in my life was Adele’s concert. That was the moment in which I saw the power of music, how it can congregate thousands and thousands of people from all over the world, without regard to religion, countries, languages… and I knew I wanted to be part of that industry.


     So here I am, studying Audio Production at SAE Institue in one of the biggest capitals for music, London!