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Engineering UCL's Jazz Band: Mixing

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

          For the last step, I went back to the provided reference tracks. I had them in the desk so I could switch easily between them and my mix. Although mixing is an art and therefore subjective, it’s always good to have the reference songs to stick to the plan that was made. Most of the mix stage was done with the SSL Duality SE.

       I started cleaning as much as possible all the tracks, like gating or filtering them. I applied parallel compression to the drums in order to give them a punchier sound but always keeping in mind the genre and purpose. I compressed the Saxophone and Trumpet with the Neve 2254/R in order to keep them balanced in terms of volume. I passed and compressed a bit the vocal through the Neve 8801 Channel Strip because sometimes there was a decent difference between the loudest and quietest levels and it made a very good job.

           Finally, in order to glue everything together I used the Yamaha Rev500 which has a really nice reverb that fits the song.

The finals mix will be available next week on all platforms. Keep an eye here or follow me on Instagram for more updated info!

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