• Claus Ko

Engineering UCL's Jazz Band: Pre-Production

        So the first thought that came to my mind when I started doing this project and had to find a band was e-mailing all London Universities. Why? Because I knew that at least one of them would have a music society of some kind, and also because they would have that energy and freshness that happens in the student life and I wanted to bring to the song. UCL’s Jazz Band replied to my e-mail so we started working together. Song, instrumentation, and reference tracks are pretty much the first things we have to take into account (Which song we are going to record, which instruments there are going to be, and how we want it to sound like) We ended up with the song ‘Is you is or is you ain’t my baby’ and with ‘Strasbourg-St.Denis’ and ‘I wish I new how it would feel to be free’ as reference songs.

       When analysing the reference songs I did it in terms of panning, levels between each instrument and levels inside them, as in the drum kit. Also, possible effects they might have used and mic positions. The next step was looking for the equipment available and making a session plan. Once we had the number of sessions, which instruments we are recording in each of them and where to place them, I sent all the material to the band.

       To arrange the dates, we used a website called ‘when2meet’ (not sponsored haha) in which each person involved can set their availability and then I’ll get a full chart with them all so it’s easier to arrange.

        You have the full planning in my 'portfolio' section.

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