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Live Sound Experience

-PA Tech for Eighth Day Sound at Bon Iver - UK & EU Tour - Oct/Nov 2022

-PA Tech for Britannia  Row at Andrea Bocelli - UK & IE Arena Tour October 2022

-PA Tech for Britannia Row at Creamfields - CF02 September 2022

-PA Tech for Britannia Row at Westlife Stadium Tour - Wembley Stadium & Cork Stadium - August 2022


-Monitor Tech at Franz Ferdinand - Colours of Ostrava & Morriña Festivals - July 2022

-PA Tech for Britannia Row at Westlife Stadium Tour - Aviva Stadium - July 2022

-PA & Stage Tech for 8th Day Sound at 50 Cent European Tour - June 2022

-FOH & Monitor Mixing Engineer for Neumann&Mueller (EXPO 2020 Dubai) - 2021 / 2022


-Live Sound Engineer for AH Productions (London & Manchester) - 2018



-INTERNOISE 2022 - Subwoofer array design for optimal acoustic performance and minimal noise pollution in the  Roman theatre of Italica, Spain - Read here


-Subwoofer Arrays in Roman theatres. Archaeological Complex of Baelo Claudia. Read here.

-Yamaha M7CL

-Yamaha QL1 & QL5

-Midas M32

-Soundcraft MH3

-Soundcraft Si Impact



K1, K2, KARA, A15, A10, KS28/21, SB28, SYVA



-SSL G+ 4000

-SSL AWS 900

-SSL Duality

-Neve VR

-Neve Custom 75


Formal Qualifications / Trainings

-L-Acoustics Loudspeaker System Calibration

-L-Acoustics L-ISA Technology

-L-Acoustics System Fundamentals

-L-Acoustics Drive Systems

-Audinate Dante Level 1 Certification

-Audinate Dante Level 2 Certification

-MSc Environmental and Architectural Acoustics,
London South Bank University

-BSc Audio Production, SAE Institute London

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